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Achievements Till 31st May 2020

♦  Birth of India’s First IVF Calf from Frozen IVF Embryo at our Gopalnagar Facility .
♦  Production of IVF calves at farmer’s door steps in different states of India .
♦  No of calves born from frozen IVF embryos: 49 .
♦  No of calves born from fresh IVF embryos: 160 .
♦  No of pregnancies established from fresh IVF embryos: 325 .
♦  No of pregnancies established from frozen IVF embryos: 86 .
♦  Total no: of IVF embryos produced: 3920 .
♦  Produced 540 IVF embryos against the targeted 510 IVF embryos from Ongole and Punganur Cows of Lam Farm, Guntur, Andhra Pradesh as per the MoU signed between JK Trust and Sri Venkateswara Veterinary University, Govt of AP.
♦  Provided IVF Services at 34 Farms across various states of India
♦  14 IVF calves were produced from a Gir Donor Cow namely ‘Radha’ in a span of 1 year for the first time in the country
♦  We have established 77 IVF pregnancies from a Gir Donor cow namely ‘Gauri’ in a span of 13 months (from April 2019 to April 2020) using HF crossbred recipients. Out of 77 IVF pregnancies, 56 are at JK Trust’s Farm and rest 21 are at farmers’ door steps. Till now, 26 Calves are born and remaining expected to be born in the current year.