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In-Vitro Fertilization

JK BovaGenix is the pioneer of IVF‐ET Technology for the Conservation & Propagation of Indigenous Cattle Breeds

What is IVF (In‐Vitro fertilization) technology?
IVF is an advanced reproductive technology that is slightly more complex than the traditional embryo transfer program. In IVF technology, a trained veterinarian collects oocytes from a donor cow using an ultrasound‐guided follicular aspiration technique. The oocytes are placed in a Petri dish and fertilized the following day with semen.

The fertilized eggs mature in an incubator for seven days, and the resulting viable embryos are transferred into recipient cows. The embryos can also be frozen to be transferred at a later date.

Benefits of ET & IVF to a dairy farmer

♦ A farmer can form a herd of his choice by propagating the genetics of a cow & a bull of his choice at a faster pace
♦ While the average cow will produce only a few calves in her entire life time, this technology can potentially allow a genetically superior cow to produce about 25 calves within one year.
♦ The biggest advantage of ET & IVF technology is that it helps us to use not only the genetics of the best bulls available, but also taps the genetic merit of the females to the fullest potential.
♦ Eggs (oocytes) from sick, injured or aged female with high genetic merit can also be used in this technology.
♦ Oocytes from pregnant donors can still be collected throughout the first trimester of pregnancy.
♦ In addition, the use of sexed semen allows the farmer to selectively produce female calves only.