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In-Vitro Fertilization

IVF is an advanced reproductive technology that is slightly more complex than the traditional embryo transfer program. In IVF technology, a trained veterinarian collects oocytes from a donor cow using an ultrasound‐guided follicular aspiration technique. The oocytes are placed in a Petri dish and fertilized the following day with semen.

The fertilized eggs mature in an incubator for seven days, and the resulting viable embryos are transferred into recipient cows. The embryos can also be frozen to be transferred at a later date.


Embryo Transfer

Embryo Transfer Technology (ETT) is a technique used to increase the reproduction rate of cows. Embryo Transfer simply means collection of an embryo from a donor female and its transfer to the uterus of a recipient female of the same species.

Conventional ET involves specific hormonal treatment (with follicle‐stimulating hormone) of donor cows or heifers to cause multiple follicles to ovulate. The donors are bred using AI following super ovulation and estrus or standing heat. Seven days after AI, the embryos are flushed from the donor's uterus and transferred to synchronous recipient cows. The embryos may also be frozen to be transferred at a later stage.


Mobile ET & IVF Lab

JK BovaGenix has 2 state of the art laboratories located at Maharashtra and Chhattisgarh and also 4 high tech mobile ET - IVF Vans which take this technology to the door steps of farmers.


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